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Colonail Leader Poem

Who is Pocahontas?
Was the favorite daughter of Powhatan
Was fascinated by John Smith
Kidnapped by settlers
Fell in love with and married John Rolfe
Her father did not attend the wedding
She had a baby
Rolfe decided to take his family to England
Thats where Pocahontas became known as lady Rebecca
She was treated like a princess
As they returned to Virginia Pocahontas died at age 22

The Scary Halloween Night

Once upon a time there were 4 kids Austin,Noah,Wyatt,Braden.Then were in the woods.when they were walking down the path they say a note that says “I,m watching you”.So they climbed a tree and saw someone looking at them.They got so scared they almost fell out of the tree.They tried to get out of the woods,but they were lost.Then they saw him again.They looked away and looked back and he got closer.They ran away and saw wood and paint on the ground.I thought and said” Its a dummy that can move”.Then we saw that Noah was gone.So we turned around and saw him taking a nap on the ground.So we yelled” Wake up”.We saw him and we saw that he was Slappy.So I picked him up and Noah,Wyatt,and Braden made a fire so I through Slappy in the fire.Then I pulled out marshmello’s,chockolate,and gram crackers and we made smores.


I think homecoming is spiecal because its every 3 years.I also think its spiecal because people who gradguated from White Oak comes and meets there friends from school and whatchas a football game and hopefully has a great time and hope we win.I think we keep it every 3 years to keep homecoming spiecal and I love it.